How to Grow Your Instagram Following with Instagram Stories

buy instagram followersInstagram stories could be the key to gain more followers and increase more engagement. On Instagram, around 400 million people use this feature on daily basis. If you are not one of them then you are missing out the odd to generate more sales and grow your account. Instagram stories are a fun yet effective way to keep your audience engaged and help you to earn more followers. You can also run story ads by running Instagram ads to get new followers by buying real Instagram followers. In this post, we will talk about the ways to grow your following count with the help of Instagram stories. Keep reading to find more!

Use Instagram Stories Stickers:

Instagram stickers are a fun way to engage your audience with your Instagram stories. It has the ability to speed up the engagement and give you more views. There are different kinds of Instagram stories stickers but you perhaps can’t use all the stickers at the same time. Use one or two stickers in a story. Here’s a few to try out:

i )The Location Sticker:

Like the regular Instagram post, you can tag a location by using location sticker in your stories. This could be the country or city you are in, your own brick and mortar store location, etc. you can also add it to your live Instagram story too.

ii )The Mention Sticker:

Instagram allows you to tag your follower or other people in your story by using the mention stickers. You can let them know they have featured in your story using mention sticker. In each story, you can tag ten users but try to tag the relevant people in your story. Because it could look a spammy

Instagram Stories Polls and Questions Stickers:

The needs of the audience on Instagram are constantly changing, so always check out what your audience wants to see on your feed and Instagram stories. The best way to know what your followers are interested in and you can engage them is through Instagram stories question stickers and stories polls. You can get the immediate and real-time answers to gauge the core interests of your audience with the help of question stickers and stories poll. You can grow your account by using the information of the stories poll. If you want to grow your account without any effort then buying real Instagram followers is the best choice to go.

Improve Your Business Traffic and Sales:

When you use the right stickers for your stories, you will see higher engagement ratio and growth in your viewers. Now, it’s time to direct them where you want them to go either on your e-commerce store or website by using swipe up feature in your stories. Any brand on Instagram with over 10,000 followers on their account can use this feature to guide their viewers off the Instagram app and onto the external link in their stories. If you are not one of them, you can buy real Instagram followers and grow your audience in a fraction of time to use this feature to drive more traffic and generate sales.