How to shop in budget while travelling to Turkey

Turkey is one of the amazing countries in the world in terms of tourism. This place is home to rich history and heritage with beautiful architecture and landscapes. In recent time Turkey has got a little expensive so if you are looking to travel to this amazing country you have to plan out your budget before you book a flight to this country. There are few things you have look when you are approaching it.

The first thing when it comes to touring in Turkey are the hotels. Hotels are of different varieties, you will find cheap hotels as compared to other hotels in the city. The rates of hotels also depends on the season of the year. From July to September the hotels have high charges due to rise in tourism. Going on May or October is the best time to visit Turkey. Rates of hotels are also varied depending on the places. Some places will charge higher than the other places.

The second thing to check is the food. The best thing to do is stay away from the tourist restaurants. The reason behind is that if your budget is tight then you should look for cheap restaurants because the tourists restaurants charge much higher than the other places. You can food consisting of various dishes under 20 Lira. The restaurant caters meat eaters, vegetarians along with some dishes like soup, pide, shish kebabs, omelets and salad.

The third to look out for the transport prices because the petrol prices in this country is very high. Try choosing a diesel car which will allow you to save money as compared to hiring a car running on petrol. You can search voucher codes for transport. This may save your money on various basis while you are traveling in Turkey. If you are comfortable with the bus rides then you can go for that because the nationwide the bus ride system is much reaper than other rides. You will find great service in these places which are between the major cities.

Medical emergencies is also a main point to consider when you are traveling to Turkey. If you have a travel insurance then that is great. It your injury or illness is minor then there is no need to use the medical card, feel free to buy cheaper medicine in local pharmacies. Watch out for different frauds when it comes to going for doctors because many private doctors take advantage of tourists having medical insurance.

All these small changes will save you a lot of money if you are smart with your traveling plan. Another main thing to do is when you are going to convert your money to Lira, try to do in that specific location where you are going to because the local currency ex-changers don’t charge commissions. There is no need to tip the taxi drivers, in bars or also in restaurants because many places don’t consider tips as a good thing.