What types of dresses a man should wear on a party?

Opening an invitation to a party is pretty exciting for many individuals. However, when they go down to the ‘suggested attire,’ they tend to be confused about what to wear and what not to. And particularly, if you are not familiar with the terms ‘cocktail,’ or ‘festive,’ or cannot distinguish between the ‘black tie’ and ‘creative black tie,’ things will get very hard for you. So, what types of dresses a man should wear on a party? Here, we will reflect on various choices that one has regarding the suggested attire.


When you see ‘cocktail’ on the suggested attire section, this means that the organizers want you to think of the party as a semi-formal occasion. For cocktail parties, men tend to think about the suit and cocktail dresses. However, you can extend yourself a bit. Get a suit in darker color where the tie is optional or wear dress pant and dress shirt which you can top with a woolen vest. If you look up to jeans, wear dark wash or chinos and top it with blazer or sports jacket. Compliment the look with watch, tie, or pocket square and don’t forget dress shoes.


When it is festive, it is time for you to come up with holiday vibes. Put a holiday spin on your cocktail attire and treat it as more of a casual event. Colors of the season make good choice where an all festive suit such as tartan plaid or herringbone would show off your bold personality. As for the footwear, Chelsea boots or the wingtips would be preferred choice.


Office party is a formal event so better be a professional where a blazer is preferred while tie is kept optional. Get out of your office attire but take a clue from it about what to wear. Patterns and textures would help for a fresh look and some classic pants with loafers or ranger boot would assist in making you appear different from your day to day office wear. A popping color would surely add a festive spin to your outwear.

Black tie

Black tie is usually seen as the time to wear tuxedo. However, double breasted or three piece suits would also look great. Be careful about the colors you are wearing because the suit and tux have to be either black or midnight blue. As for shirt, plain while with collar and cuffs is your go to wear and bow tie or slippers would add up a bit of velvet accent to your appearance.

Creative black tie

Still a formal occasion but gives you a chance to add a touch of creativity in it. Creative black would be tux or dark dinner suit which you can bring life to with the help of bright bow or printed shirt. You can opt for out of the box pattern when selecting the suit. Dress shoes, cowboy boots, monk straps, it is just the matter of your preference.