Which dog is best for pet in cold areas?

Dog no doubt proves to be the best pet because it is known to be the most faithful animal and a good friend of human beings too. People who live in respectively colder areas have this issue of keeping a dog as a pet but now there are some species of the dogs which are best to pet in the colder areas out of which some are as follows:

–   Alaskan Malamutes

This dog has got a double fur coat that keeps him wooly and thick and there is an oily undercoat too. This dog is famous for surviving even when the temperature is too colder. This breed is truly known for being a utility dog in the era of Klondike Gold Rush in the 1800s. There are some other members of the same breed who are famous to accompany Admiral Richard Byrd on the expedition which had happened in 1928 on the South Pole.

–   Bernese Mountain Dogs

People know this dog for having long hair which proves to be a weather resistant coat for him and he likes to spend most of his time in outdoors to exert his energy in various activities. These dogs are completely the great hiking champions and this breed is agile and fast for its size.

–   Newfoundland Dogs

These dogs are also famous for being the gentle giants and this is the name which he has from the place of its origin. This breed actually was stapled on fishing boats which are off the icy coasts of Canada. Newf is the new and a true working breed. Most of the times people miss-concept these for black St. Bernard.

–   Samoyed dogs

The name of this species of a dog as Samoyed was made after the Samoyedic reindeer herders that have been found in Siberia who had been bred as the dogs so these could assist with pulling sleds and with herding. These are one of the fourteens oldest breeds of the world and they have worked harder with the fisherman and hunters during the day ends. These dogs had been the first for the expedition in the South Pole in 1911.

–   St. Bernard Dogs

The species of these dogs are famous for tracing the roots on the Swiss Mountains and they are especially known to be St. Bernard in their area which is located between Italy and Switzerland in the Western Alps were at that time they have been utilized as the watchdogs and the guards and the hunting companions. These dogs are famous for their amazing alpine rescues in which they have made their endless efforts to save the people.

–   Siberian Huskies

This species of dogs is famous as the long distance sled dogs which have been considered to be an important part of the dog’s races and this was the very first species to be a part of the research and the rescue team. These dogs can survive in both colder and extremely warm temperatures as well.